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Bug out bag

A bag by any other name is still a bag to grab to survive for three days. So the question becomes, what’s in it? Let’s take a look at some ideas and how they pertain to you and your life. The first question is “Where do you live?” What’s the environment? Terrain? Closest civilization? City? All of these things are going to play a role in what kind of bag and what you might pack in it.

Why do you even need one? Well, even if you plan to bug in, I would say you need one. Sometimes bugging in is not an option and you need to be ready for that eventuality. My daughter is in a bushcrafting group that goes out to push themselves to do mundane things primitively. Where we live, being so remote having that fortitude is invaluable. We can be on our own for a good while or there could be a disaster here on the homestead. Either way, the only way to know you are taken care of is to take care of it yourself. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And know that you have it handled if things don’t go to plan. That confidence goes a long way in self-sufficiency. I’m not afraid of being alone because I like my own company and I know I can either handle whatever happens or I’m unalive as Scott says so either way, I’ve got it handled.

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I say all that to say this, a bug-out bag is a good idea regardless of your plan. So let’s discuss. Is it better to purchase a bag already packed for you, like this one? Or a good bag alone and fill it yourslef? I like the military bags myself. I find them sturdy and efficient. I like the array of pockets and zippers and places to hide things with the waterproof features, adjustable waistbelt, and radio pocket I just think this design is great. You can get it in a variety of colors depending on your environment.

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I live on a mountain surrounded by trees so I tend to go with these colors, greens, and browns or light or white in winter. I find dark bags great for urban areas. Your goal here is to blend into your environment, think gray man here. You don’t want anyone looking at you twice or thinking you have supplies or can lead them to supplies. My husband is ex-military and very good at blending with the environment. I tend to think I’m blending while looking like the eclectic bohemian cottage witch dreamer which works because people don’t see any threat. I tell my family that others thinking I’m too stupid is a superpower when you just thrive anyway to their great stupor.

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The Grey Bearded Green Beret has a great video on building your own ultralight bug-out bag. Personally, I feel like a lot is situational but a good base might be:

  • a good universal knife
  • firestarter kit (this can be homemade or bought)
  • light source (candles, solar light, flashlight etc)
  • water purifier
  • emergency blanket
  • change of undergarments and socks
  • paracord
  • multitool

These are all changeable but I think you get the idea. I have found great bags and tools at an army surplus and thrift stores. My bags are all made up of accumulated things over the years, holistic remedies me or my friends made, and some store-bought. I have a thing about keeping as natural as possible. Keep your eye out where ever you are and you will run into something you just have to have for your prepping. Every choice is personal to each of us. Sharing what works best for us helps others find what works best for them too. What is in your bug-out bag?

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Brittani, another great article.

My bug-out bag is to make sure I get home if I am away in town. An important consideration of you live in a remote area and you are trying to get home are good boots and a thermal sheet for evenings in the mountains. And, of course a fire arm if you waited too long and someone is already looting your stuff.
1 year ago
How do you find people on this sight in my area? New Braunfels Texas
1 year ago