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Is the Earth round, flat, or hollow?

planet earth
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What is wrong with me? Why would I even entertain the thought? Why wouldn’t I? Anything is possible and not like corporations and governments haven’t shown us they cover the truth or slant it. And well, really I do enjoy these conversations so much!

While I don’t feel I have a dog in this fight, I do so enjoy entertaining different thoughts and ideas, especially outside the norm. I’m a big “what if?” kind of person. I think the first reaction to new information is rejection but once the brain dust settles the fun begins! So, let’s take a look at these Earth theories and see what turns out.

Twitter conversation

Where did you land on this earth of ours? I am still undecided and I haven’t found that my life would be different knowing either way. Have you watched the full moon landing video? I did watch it and my questions would be:

  • Who was already on the moon filming before they landed?
  • Why have we not been back?
  • Since NASA claims to have lost or destroyed the documents on how to get back, how could no one replicate it since?
  • Who stayed and filmed as they took off?
  • Did anyone ever go back and get them?

Ok, I think that’s all I have on that. Let’s move along here.

The reason I share this is to say well if there is doubt whether or not we landed on the moon and there are no direct photos of earth from space that are not computer-generated or enhanced then the possibility of the earth being something other than oblate spheroid is there. Besides, watching the original film is really interesting to see all the changes in generations and technology.

Have you read the articles debunking flat earth as false? I find that they mostly speak in circles and use demeaning tones but don’t offer anything substantial. Like gravity is a theory, we have no evidence. There is this ABC News brief on the topic. Read the whole thing and try to remove your bias of “knowing the earth is round”.

Have you looked at any of Admiral Byrd’s explorations? He gave public interviews about his explorations of Antarctica. His findings could lead us to believe that perhaps our earth is flat or hollow. He said there was much more of the world to explore and animals we thought we extinct. I suggest you look deeper into that, if nothing else it’s a great adventure! But these are real-life adventures I can get into. I find watching movies or shows uninteresting when the world is full of real adventures and explorations like this! I find it interesting that no country on earth can agree on much but all of them agree no one should go to certain places in the arctic. I always get curious when someone is trying to hide or mislead me. Why did we suddenly stop hearing about these explorations? Why did they end? Did they end?

Flat Earth Map

There is also the flat earth map that shows maybe the earth is flat and more spread out than we think, this shows more continents than what we currently are aware of. How exciting is that?! There is more world to discover and explore?! Wow! Now that would be the adventure of a lifetime! I love that thought of discovering a “new to us” world. Isn’t that better than watching others’ adventures on a screen? I used to look at google earth really close looking for abnormalities. Finding little inconsistencies or islands I can’t find exist anywhere and have no name but people live there. Underwater civilizations with whole subdivisions. there is so much to explore right here! I suggest you try it too! I had fun and found a lot of interesting things to ponder and perhaps implement into one of my music videos.

Questioning the narrative can be a great exercise in critical thinking and just plain fun! I still have so many questions. Thanks for letting me explore the possibilities with you. I hope I inspired you in some way. If the only one is to be open to listening to things that seem weird or out there with kindness and an open mind then I have been successful!

What would change about your life whether the earth is round, flat, or hollow? I might take a trip to explore but only after other people didn’t die first. What would it mean to entertain the idea of the earth being a different shape or hollow? Are you able to have an open discussion about topics that are new, foreign, or is that too scary? That’s ok too.

I don’t think anything is answered here as much as more questions arise. However, I welcome the thoughtful challenge and healthy respectful discussion any day of the week.

I hope this helps!

Brittani Starr