December 21, 1961
About Me

I am a Christian with a Christian world view and not just a cultural Christian. I've been aware of prepping since watching 1980 Late Great Planet Earth but got serious in 2012. I had the worst marriage and then I had the best, so I know the difference. I'm a thinker, planner, trouble shooter, and optimizer. These skills have aided me well in my career, but I know bigger things than career is on the horizon, so I am looking for someone to stand with me. I don't do bars although I love to dance, I drink on special occasions but don't need it, I am allergic to smoking but think it is a bad decision anyway, our way of living is under attack so if you don't stand for something - you will fall for anything (that's why I don't understand someone who says apolitical when the majority of politicians are the ones attacking us so our vote (and making sure our votes are not fraudulent) is the only way to get in the fight).

Athletic, white hair, no diseases (thyroid issue), no handicaps, widowed, Northern Idaho. I'm not sure what to say here. I know men are visual but with all the airbrushing and scammers, I don't know how to compete except what you see is what you get.

United States
Political leanings
Right Leaning
Deal Breakers
Non-Christian (includes JW & Mormon), Cheaters (including what "Is" is), Obese (or just general lack of self-respect), Diseased (self-inflicted mentally, physically, or spiritually), In debt (including not filing taxes), Smokers (occasional pipe or cigar is fine as long as it is not in my face), Democrats, addicted to anything (including sports and porn), non-skilled, non-preppers, non-straight, unemployed or unemployable, non-country, ill mannered, ill tempered, ex-convict, con-man, jabbed, maby pamby apolitical socialist (Most of the German pastors did not want to "be political" or "leave me alone" when it could have made a difference in Hitler's agenda just as it can make a difference now......if you are not in this fight, you are part of the problem) - need not apply
Skill level
Seasoned survivalist
How do you currently live?
My own homestead- experienced
How tall are you?
United States
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