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Single mature mom, 4 kid, 2 adults, 2 minor. She adopted Her Moses tribe late in life. She writes has a few things published, sharp, witty, and strong in her belief with God — is spiritually ground and a serious prayer warrior and intercessor. She’s gifted in many ways, believes in godly principles and not leftest craziness, conservative, concealed weapon carrier, and somewhat late at prepping but not totally left behind — moving ion the direction to never have to trust the government again after stolen election(s). She is fully awake! Looking for like minded friends and community, and if a male companion comes her way — she’d welcome the friendship and hopefully bountiful journey.

PS: I didn’t get the jab or boosters and don’t plan on it! Fully awake and not blindly led by the lies and the deception that we are being fed by these evils!

May 29
United States
Political leanings
Right Leaning
Deal Breakers
Smoking and commitment shy.
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New to prepping
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United States
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