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Survivalist Singles was created by Brittani with a family business in mind. Brittani enlisted the help of her father to figure out how to create a dating site for preppers and those of like minds. Working together as a team, helping each other when the other lacks, I take up the slack and he codes where I can’t. When we are working as a team we don’t have to be great at everything but only do our best together. This is my vision for business and family. After all, the biggest lesson I took from business school was that the business model is formed after the family model. How beautiful is that!?

I still find this mindset relative to this site as well as my life. Most of us want a partner to share our lives with, someone to be there with us and for us through thick and thin. When I created this site I was single. Now I am married with my own homestead and my own family. I know the importance of a partner on the homestead and in life. I also understand the importance of community during all stages of life. We need each other to thrive. This is what life is all about. So yes, look for your partner here, but also be open to creating community with everyone you meet whether they are a potential life partner or community member. We all hold value and every relationship is a benefit. You never know where you’ll end up in life and who you will come around to meeting up with again. Being kind and respectful at all times is the best way to grow and find mutual connections.

Here at Survivalist Singles we are a community of critical thinkers making the best with what we have. While we call it survival, we truly believe we can thrive in this lifestyle. Off-grid, composting, prepping for what might come are smart ways to live. We can also make this life comfortable and beautiful as well. Making a way for those that come after us. Creating a life we are in alignment with can be challenging on our own. Having a partner by your side makes a world of difference. Having a community together is even better. We can each share our skills and each of us thrive in our community. Let’s build our community and create our world in a way that benefits our environments and each other. Together we are stronger!

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I encourage each of you to build your community with your neighbors in person and here online with those farther away. Knowing those close to you and being friends with them goes a long way in assuring your and your families safety later on. Knowing skills from others that may not be close is invaluable. Education never ends and never should! With a drive for community and a thirst for knowledge this community will thrive! My vision for this site is to bring together not only couples but whole communities. Let’s build this together!

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Doing this site on my own is a lot of work. If there are mistakes let me know kindly and I’m happy to do what I can to fix things. I make all the graphics, articles, and build the site on my own. If you’d like to help please email me at survivalistsingles@protonmail.com Thank you so much! Let’s build this community!

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